1 picture says more than 1,000 words, or doesn’ it?

1 picture says more than 1,000 words, or doesn’ it?

Newly arrived guests invariably take a tour of the estate in the hours after their arrival. Most
people are impressed and find it a beautiful, even paradisiacal place. Of course, we
wholeheartedly agree. Some even add “It looks even better in real life than in the photos!”.

In itself, we think this is a very nice compliment. We ourselves have experienced the
opposite in the past when we went on holiday: the pictures looked promising, but the reality
was a bit disappointing. Having said that, we have been wondering for a while whether the
photos we use on our website and our social media give a good picture of this wonderful
place. To us, they look fine, but are they?

Surely, we think this is an important question. The saying goes for a reason: 1 picture says
more than 1,000 words. But perhaps there are exceptions to this Confusian wisdom. Perhaps
some things are better described in words than captured in images. Shall I make an attempt?
Wish me luck!

The magic of Finca Soñada does not start at the gate. Coming from Alicante, the magic
begins some 20 kilometres earlier, more specifically when you come out of the tunnel that
runs under the Font Roja natural park, just before you reach Alcoi. Suddenly the arid, dry
landscape is exchanged for a fresh pallet of 50 shades of green, draped over gently rolling
hills and surrounded by mountain ranges of 1,000 metres and more. Is this still Spain, you
wonder aloud.

Then, leaving the motorway and diving into the greenery, you find yourself in a world
dominated by olives, almonds and wine grapes. Open your window and listen to the pine
trees singing in the breeze. Treat yourself to their generous resin scent and breathe in the
aromas of the El Comtat valley. Admire the carefully landscaped terraces on the flanks of the
mountains. Long, long ago, hundreds of farm workers harvested thousands of stones from
the red tierra with their bare hands, which they then used to build low, stone walls to bring
the slopes under cultivation. In early spring, let the scent of almond blossoms guide your
way. The cracks in the road you take in benevolently.

When our gate opens quietly but decisively and you roll into the Finca Soñada (literally:
‘dreamed country house’), try to feel our dream. Who knows, the door to your own dreams
might also open. Or better yet, let all your desires fly and for the next few days, live in the
here and now and enjoy with all your senses. Feel at home right away. For he/she who finds
a home is more at ease and aware. Stands still longer. Sees more. Reads more. Thinks more.
Understands more.

Park your car in the shade of one of the Morera trees. Even before you get out, the 2
impressive Washingtonia fan palms will give you a warm welcome. For cooling down, you
can go straight into the large pool that will tempt you with turquoise voice. Follow your
internal compass and surrender to the spell without a second thought. The Spanish
flowering Lantanas and the pink Gauras will show you the way.

Enter our dream house and feel free to stop for a moment at the work of Adi Steurbaut, the
man who colours the clouds. You’ll also meet him outside at the Border Pole. Feel safe inside
the thick walls that make the outside world disappear for a moment. Know yourself
sheltered by the red tiles that undulate and drum the rain.

Finca Soñada houses many Valencian hidden and forgotten stories. And new stories are constantly being written. Do you want to be part of them? Book your room now :  https://fincasonada.com/reservation/?lang=en and look forward to the naturalness with which our lives will momentarily intertwine!

Un abrazo,
Luc y Valérie

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