Be your naked self!

Be your naked self!

In our previous blog post, we addressed the question: Being naked, what’s the fun in that? We indicated that there are at least three reasons for that:

  1. Convenience: being naked is practically easier and more comfortable than being clothed
  2. Enjoyment: feeling the wind and sun on your whole body is like nothing else
  3. Feeling free: being able to take off your clothes without someone pointing at you to say you couldn’t or shouldn’t, is incredibly liberating.

In this piece, we would like to highlight some other aspects of naturism.

For instance, we find that almost our guests, without exception, are people with a healthy dose of self-confidence. The question then is: are they naturists because they have self-confidence, or has naturism boosted their self-confidence? This is a bit like the chicken and the egg question: which came first? Hard to say, and perhaps not even that important. The fact is that it does take some courage to – literally – expose yourself to people you know neither hair nor feathers. Because normally you only do that for your partner, right?

Whatever, the ideal image of what a naked body should look like simply does not exist! No one, but literally no one has a body like those shown in films, on social media and in (fashion) magazines. In other words, this ideal image is a form of … deception. Understanding that your body is perfectly okay as it is and that you are perfect in your imperfection boosts self-confidence. In a society where young and old, male and female are bombarded daily with all kinds of messages designed to fuel consumption, naturism is nothing less than an antidote. An antidote that strengthens your defence system against false ideals!

Which brings us to the ecological component of naturism. When you don’t put on clothes for large parts of the year, you obviously need far fewer clothes. And the clothes you need also need to be washed less often. Not enough thought is given to the ecological footprint of the fashion industry. So embracing and promoting naturism is also a way to do our bit for a healthier planet.

Beyond the huge ecological footprint, there is another problem with clothing. Because what is clothing other than a big bulky mask meant to hide us behind? Of course, clothing is often needed to protect us, for example from cold or rain. But clothing has since long another function in our society. The reason why fashion, trends and branded clothes have become so important today is because they allow us to create an image of ourselves that often does not correspond to who we really are. Carefully chosen pieces are a fashionable way of dressing to create a certain image of ourselves to the outside world. Well, that masquerade takes an end when you are naked. Together with your clothes, your ego stays in the closet and there is room to connect with who you really are. Being able to make that connection is something many people need countless sessions with a psychologist for. And that, while there is a much simpler and pleasant way up for grabs… Being able to be yourself, there is another advantage of being naked!

If you are reading this, you may have already crossed over yourself and are already a naturist or at least a nudist: you like to take your clothes off. So, maybe we are ‘preaching to our own parish’ here. But maybe you are still hesitating and these insights will help get you over the threshold. Or maybe you are already convinced, but are still looking for arguments to get your partner over the line.

If you can, we would love to welcome you to our very own naturist paradise: Finca Soñada. Just keep in mind that our rooms are not available from 1 November ’22 to 31 March ’23. However, you can book ‘La Sonrisa’ during this period: a detached bungalow with a kitchen, dining room, lounge, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. Most winter days are sunny and in the south-facing wellness area out of the wind and in the sun, naked recreation is simply wonderful.

Moreover, your privacy is guaranteed during this period as there will be no other guests. So don’t wait too long to book! More information about this accommodation can be found here:

See you soon!

Un abrazo

Luc y Valérie



Published on: 8 November 2022  -  Filed under: Uncategorized

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