Bye bye 2023. Hello 2024!

Bye bye 2023. Hello 2024!

As 2023 has come to an end and is still fairly fresh in our minds, we think it would be a good
idea to look back briefly at a year that was special for us. Special for several reasons, not all
equally positive, unfortunately. After two corona years and a year in which war, inflation,
problems at airports, … dampened the appetite for travelling somewhat, 2023 has been our
first normal season. And whether we noticed!

Never before did we get to greet so many guests at Finca Soñada! We met dozens of new,
lovely people and were also able to greet many old acquaintances again. The latter of course
gives us extra pleasure, because it is the supreme token of appreciation by our guests.
Moreover, returning guests give us the opportunity to establish a deeper, meaningful
connection. It is with great gratitude that we can conclude that Finca Soñada has become
not only our livelihood and our home. It is also the place where new, warm friendships are

2023 was also special because of two less pleasant events. On 11 August we had to say
goodbye to my (Luc) dad. Where until recently he was still going through life vigorously and
sprightly, his body abandoned him at some point. After almost 89 years of faithful service,
the strong farmer was felled. Deprived of his ever-present physical capabilities, his zest for
life quickly drained away after which he closed his eyes forever.

Faced with the loss of one of our parents for the first time, it felt very unreal, especially for
the first few weeks. We didn’t quite know how to feel. Grieving, how do you do that? No
idea… Fortunately, we soon found out that there is no manual for it. That there is no right or
wrong way to grieve. Only our way. We can do something with that. Our mottoes: “Carpe
Diem” and “Pura Vida” do the rest.

In my mind, by the way, Dad is still there. Much more often than before, strangely enough.
When I stack the wood, when I cut the grass, when I pick nuts or prune the grapevines, when
– once again – I work far too long in the garden and forget any notion of time. And when I
remember that I am sure he would have enjoyed this beautiful place immensely.

A few weeks after his death, we were once again hit by ‘ mala suerte’. A woefully brief
oversight led to a sports accident in which I narrowly escaped a stroke. The result was a
weeks-long migraine that came and went at the most unexpected and unwanted times.
Fortunately, I was surrounded by the most professional doctors, concerned friends and
family and my ever-loving wife. Four months after the incident, it all seems to be behind me
and I am back to my old self.

So if you wish us good health by 2024, we will not take it as a cliché. No, we will accept your
wish with both hands and hope that it may come true!

As for Finca Soñada, no major works or changes are planned this year. We have invested
heavily in the property over the past 3 years (the Solana suite, the tennis court, the wellness
area, the petanca court, the car park, the guest kitchen, the lounge, the shaded terrace, etc) and feel that we can get on with what is there for a while. Of course, there remains plenty of
maintenance work to do. We really won’t be bored this winter!

Finca Soñada remains the place for naturists who want to enjoy the peace and quiet in
complete, naked freedom surrounded by exuberant nature. Without fuss. Without
obligations. With respect and appreciation for everyone’s individuality. We keep looking for
nice places worth visiting, fine restaurants where you can enjoy the unsurpassed Spanish
gastronomy and beautiful walks that you can do naked or not.

Meanwhile, have you felt like leaving the grey, wet cold behind? Fancy de-connecting for a
while from the rat race and re-connecting with yourself and your partner? Book your room
now. We’ll welcome you with open arms!

Un abrazo,
Luc y Valérie

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