Three times is the charm!

Three times is the charm! We are well into season 2024 and have welcomed dozens of new and old friends. High time to take another stab at an update, we think! Especially because we can proudly announce that we have won an award for the third year in a row! Every year, the Dutch naturist […]

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Bye bye 2023. Hello 2024!

Bye bye 2023. Hello 2024! As 2023 has come to an end and is still fairly fresh in our minds, we think it would be a good idea to look back briefly at a year that was special for us. Special for several reasons, not all equally positive, unfortunately. After two corona years and a […]

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1 picture says more than 1,000 words, or doesn’ it?

1 picture says more than 1,000 words, or doesn’ it? Newly arrived guests invariably take a tour of the estate in the hours after their arrival. Most people are impressed and find it a beautiful, even paradisiacal place. Of course, we wholeheartedly agree. Some even add “It looks even better in real life than in […]

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Isn’t it too hot there now?

When I call my dear mom during the summer, I invariably get the question,”Isn’t it too hot there now, son?”. “Because”, she then adds, “I saw on the weather report that it’s as high as 40 degrees in Spain.” Mom will turn 85 in a few weeks, but she is still clear-headed and healthy in […]

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What to visit in the area?

If you have read our previous blog or have already stayed at Finca Soñada, then you know that you don’t have to leave the property to have a wonderful holiday. But, most people also want to explore the area and naturally ask us for some tips. We are of course happy to help our guests […]

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A little guided tour

We still consider ourselves newcomers to this profession and regularly ask our guests for feedback to see what can be improved. For example, recently there was the tip that we should emphasize much more in our communication how beautiful it is here and what  you can do when you  are here on holiday.  Well, that […]

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Be your naked self!

Be your naked self! In our previous blog post, we addressed the question: Being naked, what’s the fun in that? We indicated that there are at least three reasons for that: Convenience: being naked is practically easier and more comfortable than being clothed Enjoyment: feeling the wind and sun on your whole body is like […]

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What’s the fun in that, being naked?

What’s the fun in that, being naked? Recently, we were sitting with Belgian friends in “Amantes de Moreira”, an excellent restaurant in Teulada. We hadn’t seen them for a long time, so of course they were curious to see how we were doing in the land of paella and bulls. And they were also very […]

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Finca Soñada is awarded!

Finca Soñada is awarded! After a very wet month of March, spring has now burst forth in full glory.  And you can take that almost literally. The grapevines unfold their beautiful leaves, the medlars grow visibly and the blossoms on the fruit trees make way for small fruits while in the nests of the full-bodied […]

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Do we still like it here???

Do we still like it here??? In the meantime, we have already progressed a bit  in the new year and here too the winter has started with night temperatures that fluctuate around the freezing point. Fortunately, the sun comes squeaking over the mountains from about eight o’clock and it is nice and warm a little […]

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