Finca “Must Nothing”

When we made the decision to move to Spain and start a guesthouse it was immediately clear to
us that it had to be a place for naturists. We had accidentally discovered the joys of being
naked on a beach in Croatia a few years earlier and were immediately sold.

The many advantages of naturism became immediately clear to us: the convenience, the
casualness, and – above all – the unparalleled feeling of freedom! Let ‘freedom’ be one of our
most important values.

This is also why we impose as few obligations as possible on our guests. Don’t feel like eating
with the other guests? No problem! You can cook your own meal in the guest kitchen. Don’t
feel like being social? No problem! There are plenty of terraces and spots where you can
enjoy the peace and nature. Don’t feel like the hustle and bustle of children playing? No
problem! Finca Soñada is an ‘adults only’ resort.

In other words: you must nothing! Does this mean that everything is possible? Well, a lot is
possible: hiking, playing tennis, bocce ball, pickleball, swimming, enjoying the sauna or hot
tub, etc. But there is also 1 obligation. Namely, it is compulsory to show respect. Respect for
yourself and your travelling companion(s). Respect for the other guests. Respect for nature
and respect for the few rules we have.

These rules aim to make everyone’s stay at Finca Soñada as pleasant as possible. For
example, it is not allowed to perform sexual acts in the public area. To be clear: hugging and
looking each other lovingly in the eyes is allowed! If you want to listen to music, we ask you
to use earplugs or headphones so as not to disturb other guests. If you use the guest
kitchen, we would like you to use our honesty bar as well. In fact, there are 2 now : one at
the breakfast terrace and one in the guest kitchen. A refreshing drink is never far away!

Furthermore, we are of course always open to suggestions for improvement. Do you see
something that could be better? Or do you have a suggestion that would make your stay
even more pleasant? Let us know!

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