Three times is the charm!

Three times is the charm!

We are well into season 2024 and have welcomed dozens of new and old friends. High time
to take another stab at an update, we think!

Especially because we can proudly announce that we have won an award for the third year
in a row! Every year, the Dutch naturist platform ‘Blootkompas’ presents the ‘Blootkompas
Awards’ in 5 categories: Campsites, Nude Beaches, Sauna, Association and Accommodation.
It is in this last category that Finca Soñada took the bronze plaque.

The awards are issued based on the ratings given by guests. Last year, Finca Soñada was
awarded the phenomenal score of 9.9/10 by its guests. It is the third year in a row that our
little paradise has finished in the top 3. A remarkable achievement if you know that around
180 naturist accommodations worldwide compete for these awards!
Our thanks go to all our lovely guests and especially to those who left a review on the
platform. But the best compliment people can give us is … that they come back. Year after
year, we see more and more people returning who have stayed here before. Some have
been here 5 times even though we have only been open since 2020! This is not only nice on
a business level. It also allows us to establish a real, meaningful connection with those
guests. And that is the mission of Finca Soñada: to offer naturists the chance to de-connect
from the daily hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature, with themselves and with like-
minded people.

We also often get people visiting us who are choosing a nude destination for the first time.
The fact that we are a small-scale resort (max 12 guests) but at the same time have a very
spacious domain where everyone can enjoy nudity in all tranquility and privacy is certainly
no stranger to this.

So it should not surprise us that more and more people are finding their way to Gaianes.
During some periods, we are now fully booked. Would you also like to reserve your spot
under the Spanish sun of 2024? Then check out the availability for the coming months.

Un abrazo,
Luc y Valérie

Published on: 23 May 2024  -  Filed under: Uncategorized

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