Our Story

...and our vision.

Adults Only

At Finca Soñada you can step out of the rat race’ and relax. We believe the best way to do this is to reconnect with nature. That’s why we’ve been looking to settle down in the place which is known as South-Spains green lungs. A place that is not flooded by mass tourism. A place where traffic jams are unknown. A place we love to share with you.

In order to guarantee you a peace and quiet stay, we have opted for the "adults only" principle. We both love children very much, but we’re also convinced that mums and dads occasionally have the right to have me-time: time to be yourself. Time to give your partner the attention, love and care he or she deserves. If your son or daughter is at least 16 years old and understands this vision, than he/she is also very welcome.


Naturism 2.0

A few years ago we came across a naturist beach in Croatia by accident. We thought it was a wonderful place and because we did not want to fall out of the show, we decided to drop our shyness and follow the local dress code. It turned out to be a very nice experience! Feeling the wind on our whole body, skinny dipping, drying up in the sun, no hassle with a wet swimsuit or bikini ...

We've embraced naturism ever since. Especially because of the friendly atmosphere, the respect and freedom we experience when we take a naturist holiday. We also want to offer this feeling to the guests of Finca Soñada. So feel free to take off all your clothes in and around the pool and in the garden.

If you would like to know more about the naturism 2.0 that we embrace, then take a look at www.nakedwanderings.com. We fully support the vision of Nick and Lins. In their blogs and book they share their naturistic experiences with the world and they give clear answers to all possible questions.

If you’re looking for libertine sexual contacts, then you have come to the wrong place. We are not a swingers club.

Pura Vida

We had the dream of moving south and leaving the hectic life in Belgium behind us for a few years. The idea gained momentum during a trip to Costa Rica. We noticed that the people there are kinder, friendlier and happier. And that while they have far fewer possessions than we have. We soon discovered that the secret of the Costa Ricans lies in their motto for life: ‘Pura Vida’.
‘Pura Vida’ stands for: enjoy and celebrate the gift of life. Focus as much as possible on those things that really matter: having fun and taking care of one another. It also means that we need to take care of our environment. That is why we do our best to properly manage the piece of nature that we are responsible for.


Mens sana in corpore sano

"A healthy mind in a healthy body," it is an expression that you undoubtedly know. We too are convinced that we must take good care of our bodies. In addition to a healthy diet, having sufficient physical exercise is also part of this equation. During your vacation you obviously have a little more time for that and we’re there to help you in doing so.
The possibilities are endless. You can play tennis on site and the large swimming pool is perfect for many laps. You can take a short, flat walk from Finca Soñada or head out for an adventurous mountain trip of several hours. Cycling on the road or mountain biking in the surrounding sierras is really great too. We are keen trail runners ourselves. You are more than welcome to join us during our runs in the mountains and can advise you about the most beautiful tracks in the area.
We also invite you to get the day off to a good start with a triple W session: Wake-up Warm-up Work-out. During these sessions we slowly wake up your muscles and organs through a series of simple and calm pilates exercises. In ten to fifteen minutes you are completely fresh and cheerful, ready to start your next radiant day in paradise!