What’s the fun in that, being naked?

What’s the fun in that, being naked?
Recently, we were sitting with Belgian friends in “Amantes de Moreira”, an excellent
restaurant in Teulada. We hadn’t seen them for a long time, so of course they were curious
to see how we were doing in the land of paella and bulls. And they were also very curious as
to why we had chosen create a naturist B&B. The question “What is so nice about walking
around naked in the presence of other people?” is one that every naturist who has come out
of the closet gets asked sooner or later. In this blog, we will try to shed some light on the
naked darkness.

The first advantage of naked life is obvious: COMFORT! Because, admit it, nothing is as
annoying as walking around with a wet swimsuit or bikini. It sticks and it rubs all over and
does not feel comfortable at all. Not to mention the fuss and bother of getting your
swimsuit on and off without anyone seeing ‘anything’. Then naturists, especially
those staying at Finca Soñada, have it a lot easier. They roll out of bed naked, get into the
shower naked, and then come armed with only a towel or pareo to the breakfast terrace to
enjoy all the goodies. They dive into the swimming pool naked as well, after which they lie
down on one of the comfortable sun beds and after a few moments they can already enjoy
the sunrays on their naked skin. Life is simple, right?

That brings us seamlessly (and wireless) to advantage number two: ENJOYMENT! How
wonderful is it not to be caressed by the wind all over your body? To be kissed by the sun all
over your body? Walking around naked inside the house is, of course, also nice. But anyone
who has tried it will agree: the pleasure of being naked in the open air is incomparable.
Nude swimming is also pure enjoyment. Does that little bit of cloth around your loins and,
for the women, breasts, make that much difference? The simple truth is: yes!

This is more than likely due to the third element: the incomparable FEELING OF FREEDOM
you have when you are naked. Where exactly this feeling comes from is not so easy to
pinpoint. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that as children, we were allowed to be naked
with impunity and that being naked recalls this childlike feeling of carefree abandon.
Perhaps it has to do with the extent to which our society has evolved. Countries where social
nudity is forbidden are often also countries where civil rights are a hollow concept and
where a religious or political authority restricts people’s freedom. Or maybe it is just nice not
to feel constrained by all that textile. Perhaps it is a combination of these and other factors
that make us feel more free naked than dressed.

More COMFORT, more intense ENJOYMENT and an indescribable feeling of FREEDOM. These
are our first three answers to the question of why we and hundreds of thousands of others
are naturists. Is that it? Certainly not! There are some bonus arguments in favor of this
lifestyle. But, you can come and discover those for yourself.

Would you like to, but you have never been on a naturist holiday before? Because we are
small, many aspiring naturists find their way to Gaianes. Unlike to large campsites or on
naturist beaches, privacy is guaranteed here and you can get a taste of being naked in all
peace and security.

You can simply book through our website https://fincasonada.com/?lang=en . It will still be
summer here for a while, but don’t wait too long. “Life is what happens when you’re busy
making other plans” (John Lennon).

See you soon!

Un abrazo,
Luc y Valérie

Published on: 29 August 2022  -  Filed under: Uncategorized

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