All the beauty in the immediate vicinity of our Guesthouse

Be amazed! The green and beautiful interior of the Costa Blanca is waiting to be discovered.

Cozy towns, beautiful nature and Spanish culture with all its fiestas. Every day we are surprised by the beauty of the area.

Enjoy the Spanish life up close

Explore the towns

Various villages and towns in our area are really worth a visit. The beautiful Cocentaina, the lively Alcoy, the medieval Bocairent with its caves, or Agrés which is surrounded by almond and olive groves.
Here you can still find the real Spain. Cozy squares and streets to explore. Authentic products to taste such as herbal drinks, delicious honey and local ham.




There are beautiful natural parks just a stone's throw from our Guesthouse. The Benicadell mountain range behind our house, the Sierra de Mariola and Sierra de Font Roja nature parks with their beautiful flora and fauna. The highest peaks reaches 1.390m high!

For example, you can have a nice picnic at the waterfalls at 10 minutes' drive from our house. Or you can walk to the Albufera of Gaianes, a protected lagoon that is known for its biodiversity where you can spot birds and search for unique native turtles.

Obviously, the overwhelming nature is also perfect for sporting discovery.

Not 1, not 2, but 3 beautiful nature reserves within the immediate vicinity.

Parque Natural Sierra de Benicadell

The Sierra de Benicadell mountain range is within walking distance of the Finca Soñada. The summit of this calcareous mountain is located at 1.104 m. From its flank you have a breathtaking view of the Albaida valley. A real hidden gem for climbers and hikers. Make sure you stop at Font Freda, a small town that is known for its healthy spring water.


Fauna and Flora

Parque Natural Sierra de Mariola

With more than 17,000 hectares (42.000 acres), the Sierra de Mariola is the largest protected natural area of the three. It is characterized by the many streams and waterfalls. The landscape consists of mountains and valleys. The highest mountain is the Montcabrer with a height of 1,390 meters.

Find the silence

Font Roja Natural Park

With around 2200 hectares, the Parque Natural de Carrascal de la Font Roja, is a lot smaller, but equally special. It is the only natural park with Mediterranean forest. It includes the mountain ranges of El Alta and San Antonio. There are marked hiking-/running routes from 2 to 6.5 kilometers, with a duration of 45 minutes to 2.5 hours.

Flora and fauna lovers will certainly enjoy themselves here. There are many pine trees, but also around 1200 flower species. In addition, the stone marten, the wild boar, the fox and the badger occur here. Many hiking and cycling routes have been set out in the area.

The use of natural resources by humans is clearly visible in this parc: old lime ovens, masías (farms) and snow pits (where ice was once stored) are to be found.


Party Time

The Moros y Cristianos fiestas

The commemoration of the struggle between the Christians and the Moors, dating back to the 15th century. You are really in the middle of the area of these fiestas.
Experience it and enjoy the parades, traditional clothing and music.

The festivals (which last a few days) are held during the commemoration of the patron saint of a city, which means that they take place on different dates per city. The most famous fiestas are those of Alcoy, Cocentaina and Muro de Alcoy.

More fiestas??

In Spain there’s a fiesta every day

Apart from the climate, the good food, the nice people, the relaxed way of life, …the great thing about Spain is that literally every village has different fiestas throughout the year.

That’s why there is almost always a fiesta to be found near our Guesthouse ....

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