A little guided tour

We still consider ourselves newcomers to this profession and regularly ask our guests for feedback to see what can be improved. For example, recently there was the tip that we should emphasize much more in our communication how beautiful it is here and what  you can do when you  are here on holiday.  Well, that seems like a great idea!

Let’s start with what you can do here on the domain. And let’s do that by taking you to the different zones. Immediately after the gate has opened for you, you will see the large swimming pool with the handy walk-in staircase on the left. That pool is carefully maintained all year round and is also open in winter for a healthy cold-water dive.

The swimming pool is flanked on 2 sides by comfortable sunbeds. On the short side, the solarium, there are umbrellas provided. The shade on the long side, the sombrarium, is provided by a beautiful, old lime tree. Here you will probably spend many hours with a good book and a drink at your fingertips!

From your lounger you not only have a beautiful view of two large palm trees and the majestic Sierra de Benicadell. You also look at  the large house where the rooms are located. The style of the house feels a bit un-Spanish to some, but make no mistake. This type of large chalets can often be found in the Spanish mountains and has typical Spanish features such as the round extension and the wrought iron workon the windows.

To the right of the house is the beautifully renovated tennis court. Rackets and balls are available. Do you find tennis too difficult? Don’t worry: you can also ask for our pickleball set. This new racket sport is on the rise and is very low-headed. Fun guaranteed!

Now let’s take the monumental garden staircase next to the pool. This leads us to the wellness area: a large south-facing terrace where you can enjoy the sun and the view from the hot tub and sauna. Here you will also find a handy kitchen where you can prepare a simple meal if you don’t feel like putting on clothes and looking for a restaurant.  Behind the guest kitchen you will find a darts room in addition to a toilet. Darts has been very popular again in recent years; fancy a throw? This room always remains very cool, so it remains very pleasant here even in the summer.

Still in this zone you will find our comfortable gym in a former aviary. This is equipped with a spinning bike, an elliptical, weights, mats, etc. and gives you the chance to stay fit during your holiday. After exercising you can relax on the grass, the terrace or in the covered lounge. It is here that we regularly organize a pleasant music evening.

We walk back to the large garden staircase and continue down. We now arrive at the pond terrace. The small pond is continuously supplied with water that runs directly from the mountain via our well. Here too you can relax and enjoy the water sound and the water lellies under the giant holm oaks. If you look closely you can also see little fish and maybe even a frog or two.

We now leave the pond terrace behind us and arrive at a second large garden staircase. This takes us back up where we discover a new, shady seating area that is located in the middle of a grove. Right in front of it we see the massage studio. You guessed it: here you can let yourself be pampered extra.

We now walk a little further up the stairs and through a wrought iron gate we arrive at the ‘petanca’. Here you can practice the naturist sport par excellence: petanque! You can also use our Mölkky set here. This Finnish bowling game is not as well known but certainly as fun as petanque. Or you can enjoy the typical lavender scent and other floral splendor on one of the many benches. There is also a nice old-fashioned swing here. How long ago was that?

All that playing makes a person thirsty, isn’t it? Let’s go to the patio. Here you can enjoy a delicious breakfast in peace. The rest of the day you can also go to the honesty bar for a selection of chilled drinks.  Of course you will also find koffie (Nespresso, what else?)  and tea. It is also here that the aperitif and dinner take place. From this terrace you once again have a nice overview of the terrain and surroundings. Because it is located a bit higher, it looks a bit like you are in a comfortable tree house. From here you can also see La Sonrisa: a fully furnished cottage with private terrace that we rent out separately.

It will not surprise you that we regularly get people who prefer not to leave the domain of Finca Soñada at all and that is not necessary. But of course, it can be done. It is also worthwhile because the immediate surroundings are splendid. In a future blog we will definitely come back on this subject.

Do you want to discover our paradise for yourself? Of course you can! The bookings are coming in very smoothly these days, but you will probably still find a period that suits you. Take a quick look at our availability here: https://fincasonada.com/reservation/?lang=en .  We look forward to welcoming you!

A hug,

Luc y Valérie

Published on: 6 February 2023  -  Filed under: Uncategorized

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